Olavi 'Pictorius' Fellmanin taiteilijasivut

Olavi Fellman

Political art against greed and climate catastrophe.

Visual artist, Art Philosopher, Painter, Environment Artist

The World Elections - Choose Rationally

The World Elections will be held between those who defend life and environment and those who are destroying the climate and repressing life. Very often the rational truth is covered by different moneygames, powergames or artgames. The World Elections will make room for different candidates (my works) who understand climate, next generations and the circle of life comprehensively.

There is just one real alternative. The climate must be saved and mankind needs to come to its senses. We have to protect the animal kingdom and the people who are being suppressed. Education and culture must be cherished. The Worlds's leading agencies need to develop towards more democratic, open and transparent direction. Finance and powergames must be taxed and brought under democatic control. The money spent on warmongering and luxuries should be directed towards preventing the climate catastrophe and to help us adapt more ecological and responsible way of living. Greed needs to be brought under mankinds control - Selfishness replaced with education, cowardice with encouragement.

Those are the themes in My Art. Thanks to those who have already performed eco-friendly actions. Now it's time to take part in The World Elections: They are being held every day!